High-quality vegetable fiber. “Organic” solutions for your business
Modern local
production in Moscow region
Using fiber means taking care of your customers and end buyers. Consumption of such products stabilizes the sugar level and improves the microflora.

Dietary fibers enrich food — improves the structure and quality, reduces the amount of cholesterol in processed products.
We offer fiber of three types: "FoodFiber 90", "FoodFiber 200" and "FoodFiber 500". Full control at all stages of production. Attention to details is what leads to high results!
Production features
We don’t hide anything because we are proud of our work. We invite current and potential customers to visit the production and ensure the high quality of our goods.

We do care for the needs and specialties of each client. Setting up a convenient communication system, aiming for long-term work.
We have representatives in different regions of Russia and CIS countries. Our partners will provide you with the most convenient working conditions. Our products are always available in any part of the country!
Shipment is carried out from our terminals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Individual approach to each client. We produce the product on a permanent basis and deliver it in the shortest possible time.
Convenient logistics
Dietary fiber is in demand in variety of segments of the food industry: meat, bakery, pastries and dairy production. As well as for the feed, sauces and juices. It is especially relevant for companies promoting healthy nutrition. It perfectly suits fitness products!

Working together to grow and develop further. Each employee is a professional in his field.
We strive for absolute understanding and coordinated work. Our goal is to develop healthy products for all nations.
We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with all participants.
Executive Director,
Alexander Davydov:
“Our production facility is built according to modern standards in compliance with all building codes and regulations, which are confirmed with all required certificates. Sanitary, fire and technological standards are met state requirements. We are truly proud of our company and invite potential clients to visit our production.

T: +7 (812) 565-50-10
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Production site
140082, Russia,
Moscow region,
Lytkarino, Kolkhoznaya str. 94B